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Shipwrecks Video Shoot

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Shipwrecks Video Shoot

A knock on effect from constantly practicing your craft with your creative friends will invariably result in participating in a shoot such as this. A hell of a fun holiday surrounded by creatives with a brilliant little shoot sandwiched in the middle.

Bude Beach Jump - Shipwrecks Crew

I had only met Aaron a couple of times when we decided to work together to produce a video for the leading single that would ultimately get him to number 6 in the UK singer/songwriter charts in the UK.

It was clear that we had the same influences and inspirations in music and video and a few meetings later, I had story-boarded a great narrative to set his hit single ‘Shipwrecks’ to.

Starring the awesome Helen Gilbert, Evie Smith and Sophia Hanke, we created an excellent piece that explores the internal struggle that occurs when someone has been wronged in a past relationship and their tenacity to get though it.

Another video shot before we were really established, there was again a fair amount of borrowing of Sony EX3 and GoPro cameras to capture everything, especially regarding the slow motion portions of the video, hell’s horses, this was going to be a really complex shoot…

What an excellent setting to shoot a video in.  A beautiful little converted barn in Devon with Bude beach just around the corner, we would wrap each day with a small amount of wine, an open fireplace and some delicious slap-up meals cooked by our world class chefs Ben and Paulo.

Due to the post-production effects of showing duplicate Aaron’s in the same scene and showing one character in slow motion whilst the other character continues in real-time, it was imperative to clear the area of any irrelevant crew and keep each camera un-moved and stabilised on a tripod.  If anyone accidentally tripped over a tripod during a scene therefore moving it, we would have to reset and reshoot.  Thankfully we didn’t have any such incidents and our main enemy were the skylights that we had to black out completely as the sun changed it’s position in the sky.

I have to take this opportunity to give a shout out to Evie Smith (www.eviesmakeup.com), my make-up artist of choice for making our ‘Demon’ character so awesome and to Sophia Hanke for portraying it so well, just check out this amazing time-lapse of the make-up being made!

The other main challenge in our execution would be the ‘fire’ scenes.  

Having provided the fire-staff but never having lit it myself, we were all a little concerned as to what would happen… It would seem that the age old adage of ‘what’s the worst that can happen’ coupled with a hefty amount of safety training and fire safety gear on the side of the set would be the way forward and it all went off without a hitch.  Everyone involved even got to have a very SAFE go with the fire staff and no one caught fire, which is a massive bonus!

We did of course have a giant bucket of water to hand which - if no one set fire to themselves, would be used to throw over Aaron and recorded in slow motion during the middle eight of the song...

Having wrapped on the shoot and a month later having edited the raw footage, Aaron launched his EP in a local venue.  It was an amazing experience to get a shout out for creating the video prior to him playing the song to his fans on the night, but what really made it special was the unspoken bond forged  on set between everyone involved in the shoot who was there on the night, that we all made it happen and had a lot of fun doing it.

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