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An Arty Shoot

  • An Arty Shoot

An Arty Shoot

Now, I encourage any ‘creative’ to do this: Call your creative friends and for absolutely no rhyme or reason whatsoever, make something. Make something arty. Make something crazy. Make anything. Make something just for fun and enjoy doing it.

This shoot was the culmination of working with make up artist Evie Smith, curator Eloise Dunwell, photographers Ian Skriczka and Ruby Walker and models Hannah Welch and Caitlin Eve.

Our Curator Eloise organised for us all to meet up in a friends house and without a plan, see what would happen when a bunch of creative minds put all those brains together.  There were opportunities to explore composition, characterisation and quick-fire narrative elements as well as seemingly silly additions to experience like balancing on a tiny wall to get the perfect shot, patience between our photographers flash bursts to capture the next piece of video and getting to know your camera better by working blindly in the dark.


No matter what your favoured discipline, you will become better at what you do by practicing your art.  I guarantee if you do this ‘just for the hell of it’ style shoot once a month, you will become a great and reliable [insert professional creative occupation here].  Everyone got something from the shoot and it was a really fun evening to boot, maybe nothing your friends and peers care for too much at the end of the day, but for all involved, that experience will stay with you throughout your career.


The point is this.  To create something un-planned, at short notice and for no monetary pay-off will cause you to be incredibly creative in execution as there is no particular brief to follow.  It will encourage patience as you to work within a team of people trying to get differing results and up your game as you encounter problems and overcome them.  The other side of this coin is that you will strengthen the creative bonds between you and your creative peers.  This is important because when you need to source your own make-up artist, photographer or conceptualist for a job, you will instantly think of those you’ve worked with before and you can all draw on your experience working together on these fun shoots and THIS my friends, is how production houses are born.

There is simply no reason for anyone with a creative drive to put down the pen of inspiration just because they haven’t been employed to create something.  

So go forth.  Go crazy.